Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29

Not much new this time, just more progress on the loofahs, which are maturing quickly.

I've got plenty of peppers ripening, too.

The new transplants all seem to be doing ok.

And the cypress vine is finally blooming! It looks like I got pink and red vines, though there was white in the seed packet too. Also, one flower has four points instead of five. I wonder how that happens?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22

First, I made about three cups of pesto when I decided my basil was looking too ratty and I wanted a new. Most of it will be frozen, but we ate it with pasta and grilled chicken and could hardly stop eating, it was so good! It was seven cups of basil which made at least two cups of pesto, though it may have been more like three. I didn't measure it. Also, I used walnuts instead of pinenuts.

In garden news, it's time for fall planting!

I started some seeds indoors and finally planted them this weekend! There's new sweetcorn, squash, zucchini, and another cantaloupe. Unfortunately, I didn't mark which one was squash and which one was zucchini, so I won't know until they have female flowers.

Also, here is the young basil replacing the one that became pesto. And also a red basil I liked because it was pretty.

Also, the watermelon and canteloupe are getting lots of new growth. I thought the watermelon was done for, although I don't think it will produce any more this season.

I've got two new loofah gourds for a total of four on the same plant. I hope they all manage to ripen.

And lastly, the asparagus, so it doesn't feel left out.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8

I forgot to update last weekend, but here is a picture from then. The canteloupe was very yummy, and very flavorful. Nice color too. It was at a perfect ripeness.

Also, the loofah gourds grow really fast. They were pretty small just two weeks ago.

I ripped out the tomatoes since they were defintely not producing anymore and were succumbing to the heat and disease.

Here are the other plots and you can see I also got rid of the dried out corn and the leftover salad greens in the plot with the green beans.

It's going to be time to plant again for a fall garden, so I'm getting a bunch of leftover flats for corn, squash, zucchini, and canteloupe again. I need to find out where I can get broccoli transplants too...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 25

Wow, it didn't take them long. The mints have grown back! And I've got two baby loofahs that are growing fast. Unfortunately, the fungus is really hitting the cucumbers hard, hopefully the spray I got for that will arrive in time to save them.

Meanwhile, basils seem to have dominated this plot.

And unfortunately, the tomatoes don't look too hot anymore.

The peppers are having a second big wave of growth and fruit though! The jalapenos are actually hot this time. I put two into some cornbread just now and was eating a bunch as I was chopping it up, leaving me with tingly lips. Yum! Even the habanero is finally producing!

The herbs are sprawling too and spilling over the edge of the wood like I'd hoped they would.

The corn is all dried up, but the greenbeans are making up for it.

And here is the asparagus looking super lush. The cypress vine should be blooming pretty soon. I spent like half an hour detangling it from the asparagus and winding it back up the trellis right before taking this picture.

Here you can see how out of hand the tomatillo has gotten. Then there is the mystery grain, and last, the lemongrass is finally forming a big clump like lemongrass should.

Future butterflies on rue! I wish the first two pictures hadn't come out so unfocused though.

A couple of pictures of the same plot from the back. The watermelon is succumbing to disease, and you can see tomatillo flowers. It's halfway up the trellis.

The swiss chard is almost as big as it was before I harvested it!

And lastly, two more pictures of the mint plot, with closeup of the two mints.